Ultimate PET Mall & Clinic
Ultimate PET Mall & Clinic

The Genesis of Corona

Our revered visionary grandfather Late Sanat Kumar Basu Roy had established the Sport Shop named “ Corona ” in the year 1959 at S.S.Hogg Market ( New Market), Calcutta-West Bengal-India, along with his two sons namely Late Ram Krishna Basu Roy and Late Arun Kumar Basu Roy.

This establishment initially dealt with superb quality of  Sport Goods Products which were partly manufactured by us then. At that point of time we were also the sole manufacturer of some very high quality special kinds of leather goods items in India and enjoyed monopoly in those items too mainly in the golf bags and tennis covers items etc.

Now the transformation of the “Corona-Sport Goods Shop” to the current landmark destination “Corona-Division of Dog Requisites Shop” is indeed in itself a history.