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A Trip Down The Memory Lane

As reminiscing those glorious moments make us nostalgic, it is also a matter of fact that without narrating those splendid eventful golden era of the British period this write up would remain incomplete and inconclusive giving us a sense of committing some type of sin in this context.

The most significant part of that wonderful moment was that it was the Britishers who first introduced the magnificent dog race event i.e.The Grey Hound Race in the Asian countries which became extremely popular in Calcutta . Virtually at that point of time the Britishers along with some esteemed Indians were fondly and delightfully engaged in rearing the pet dogs. They used to drop in at “Corona” to procure the sport goods items and on some occasions also urged us to repair their dog items apparatus and accessories which got damaged and defective due to wear and tear. For them it was not an easy task to get the materials repaired from Britain as it was absolutely an uneconomical proposition due to time consuming and cost element factors involved.

Gradually the orders in this new segment started pouring in at “ Corona Sports Shop” and we witnessed that the customers were also tremendously satisfied and jubilant with our repairing work performance. In order to maintain that  euphoria we mustered the courage and with a very high level of confidence started manufacturing the same dog apparatus and accessories right in our own workshop here and started selling those products at a very affordable price from our own “Corona Sport Shop” at New Market. The acceptance of our high quality products further made us optimistic and since then without looking back we marched ahead successfully. We presume that “Corona” is the first concern in India that dealt with the vast range of dog related products.

In the year 1979 Mr.Ram Krishna Basu Roy died and his elder son Mr. Uday Krishna Basu Roy took over the reign of Corona . He undoubtedly endeavoured very hard and unleashed his prowess in this domain marvelously. He was successful in promoting both the businesses of the Sports and Dog items together at that time.

Then in the year 1984 Mr.Kumar Krishna Basu Roy (alias Tula, Basu or K.K. as called in the business fraternity), the younger son of Late Ram Krishna Basu Roy stepped in while his elder brother was away to abroad.

The nature of business by this time steadily started changing from “Sport goods shop” to the “Dog requisites shop”. In the due course this institution “Corona” also in turn by delivering a very excellent quality products and valuable services to the esteemed foreign and Indian citizens in this “Dog Requisites Division” started gaining remarkable popularity and soon became a branded household name in this area. The footfalls also increased manifold. It emerged as a star performer and winner, earned a distinct identity of its own, reputation, appreciation and recognition simultaneously from its clients nationwide.

“Corona” thus gained strong foothold in the market and marched ahead rapidly and profitably in this business. Its name spread like a wildfire and penetrated in every household of dog loving family. It started ascending new heights of glory and achieving incredible success in this new venture and in an unchartered territory by the grace of Almighty. All these attributing factors unquestionably led to the amazing birth of the present day “Corona-Division of Dog Requisites” officially as well as formally in the year 1986 in a full fledged way under the able and capable leadership of Mr. K. K. Basu Roy.

In the light of the above statements it is a proven fact and not an exaggeration if we claim that Basu Roy family is an “Animal Lover family” as it is our firm belief that we are heavenly blessed and specially crafted for this specific mission of loving and serving the pet animals on this earth for which we all are very much proud of and at the same time thankful to the Almighty from the bottom of our heart till today..

Corona – Division of Dog Requisites (redefined and reinvented)
This concept was the brainchild of the strategist Mr. K. K. Basu Roy who purely focused his attention on the expansion of this business. He is the first person to realize that safety and security concern of the human lives have also been impacted by the globalization process which started in India in 1991 apart from the fierce competitive market where survival, growth and sustenance have become a matter of prime concern in this globalised economy. He felt that the “Dog” is the only loyal companion on this earth in this hour of crisis on whom we can honestly depend upon. As such there is no substitute for this particular type of pet animal whose services and sacrifices for protecting the human lives sometimes goes unnoticed.In view of above, the mastermind then renewed his business interest and traveled with his own made sample products all over India firstly, and did a brisk business voluminously thereby increasing its bottom-line. He cherished for success of his concern and so he even traveled abroad for his better business exposure, prospects, knowledge and skill enhancement.He also started importing lot of dog items in India which is easily not available here, but in spite of this “Corona” is still carrying its reputation tag of the following own-made branded items which are its main forte. This product profile includes  brass choke chains, nylon & leather leashes, natural bristle brushes, non-rustable combs, long last natural rubber toys and many more such items.
Breeding History
The Basu Roy family’s breeding profile includes German Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel, Indian Spitz, Beagle, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Pomeranian, Lhasa Apso, English Bulldog and Mongrels. His own home breeding GSD “SAMRAT” got Presidency Award which was owned and christened by the Bengal Police Dog Squad. Mr. K. K. Basu Roy provided aprox 5000 pure dogs in different breeds till now to Indians and in abroad.
The first book on “Spitz & Pomerania in India” and “Pet Pages- A Pet Information Directory” were compiled and published under the guidance and supervision of Mr K. K. Basu Roy for rendering vital information to the pet lovers.
Health & Hygiene of the Pets
 Mr.K.K.Basu Roy’s dauntless effort has helped the pet lover fraternity in overcoming the health and hygiene problem of the dogs economically. He has pioneered and orchestrated some very important toiletry and indigenous products which acts as a remedy for the betterment and wellness of the dogs under his own research and guidance. He has tailor-made the products and provided the effective customized solutions keeping in view the climatic conditions of India in order to keep the dogs and pets healthy. The lists of the products are as follows:
Drybath     – a germicidal cleanser which keeps dogs cleans without water from puppy-hood age without any side effect.
Dentaclin  – a spray based herbal mouth freshener which keeps the dogs hygienic by removing the bad smell.
Herbolon   – a mixture of indigenous herbal oils for any sort of external infection.
Corngel     – a gel paste for crawlers elbow & knee.
And many more feed and supplements and toiletry products were also made under his supervision.

Client Profile

Corona’s high profile clients list includes the Military and Para – Military Forces, State Police etc.like BSFCISFRPFKOLKATA POLICE and various Government and Non-Government organisations as well as noteworthy luminaries, dignitaries and diplomats and common animal and Pet Lovers.

Pet Consultant

“Corona” also acts as a pet consultant, advises given mainly by a panel of experts free and provides innovative solutions for their proper upbringing in a very congenial environment.

Event Organiser

“Corona” also arranges and organizes Dog shows and participates in this type of events frequently.

Corona Metro –  the Ultimate Pet Mall

In Eastern India at  Metropolitan Bus Stop, E.M.Bye Pass, (2 minutes drive from the Science City  and 5 minutes drive from the Salt lake Stadium) Kolkata, West Bengal, India, launched in 2009.

This was the greatest achievement of the Basu Roy family in the year 2009 when they launched this spacious Pet Mall of approx .2000 square feet in the upwardly mobile downtown where all these host of facilities like necessary food products, accessories, aquariums, doctor’s clinic, chemist and druggist, medicines of the Dogs,  Fishes, Cats, Birds are available under one roof along with an exclusive Pet Grooming Parlour.

Indeed this is the biggest milestone which they have attained. It is the first of its kind in Eastern India where wide ranges of pets’ solutions are provided to the pet lovers hassle free and economically.


Pet  Heal  Clinic & Pet  And  Vet  Medicine  Unit  

Basu Roy’s family has also gifted to the pet lovers a spacious fully air conditioned “Pet Heal Clinic” “Pet and Vet Medicine Shop — an exclusive Pharmacy  Division” where you just walk in with your pets for thorough health check up and get cured up in no time with gentle care and perfection under the supervision of  renowned veterinary doctors of acclaimed. In addition, it also stocks all kinds of genuine medicines for the pets.

Profile of Mr. K. K. Basu Roy :

1) Life Member of Calcutta Kennel Club.
2) Life Member of Agility & Obedience Club of India.
3) Executive Member of the German Shepherd Club of India -Kolkata New Chapter.
4) Executive Member of Madhyamgram City of Joy Kennel Club.
5) Founder Member of Kharagpur Kennel Club.
6) Chief Advisor of Asansol Kennel Club,
7) Joint Secretary of S. S. Hogg Market Traders’ Association.
8) Joint Secretary of Joint Traders’ Federation of West Bengal.