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Ultimate PET Mall & Clinic

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Basu Roy’s family has also gifted to the pet lovers a spacious fully air conditioned “Pet Heal Clinic” & “Pet and Vet Medicine Shop — an exclusive Pharmacy Division” where you just walk in with your pets for thorough health check up and get cured up in no time with gentle care and perfection under the supervision of renowned veterinary doctors of acclaimed. In addition, it also stocks all kinds of genuine medicines for the pets.

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Dr. Aburno Mahato
B.V.Sc. & A.H.
3:00 -6:00 PM 3:00 -6:00 PM 3:00-6:00 PM

How to take care of Pet

Pet ownership is cited to have many benefits for humans. Owning a pet can help reduce stress, improve your emotional health and may even promote faster healing. However, keeping your pet in good health involves a lot of responsibility. Understanding how to care for a pet requires you to do a bit of research beforehand. Your pet needs to have a proper diet, grooming, a place to sleep, proper training, social interaction and may other things in order to be happy. Here is a general guide to help you to better understand how to take care of a pet.

Knowing how to take care of a pet can be different depending on the type of pet that you have. For example, the diet of a pet fish is drastically different from the diet of a pet cat. When addressing the issue of pet care, it’s best to classify it by which pet you are caring for. Understanding how to care for a pet properly involves time, money, a love of animals and a lot of patience.

How to take care of a Dog

Dogs are one of the more common domesticated pets. Caring for a pet dog can be a very rewarding experience, since dogs are often extremely loyal to their owners. In colonial America, dogs were used for protection, companionship and even as work animals. Today, pet dogs are mostly kept as animal companions.

Feeding your dog a proper diet is one of the most important things to know about how to take care of a pet dog. Dogs are omnivores, but they still require a large amount of protein in their diet. Choose a dog food formula that lists a protein source first, ideally with at least two sources of protein among the first five ingredients. Never feed your dog a corn-based dog food formula. To find a good food, you may want to check out dog food reviews online.

Understanding how to take care of a dog also requires you to know how to train a dog properly. Good training can strengthen your relationship with your dog, and can also be fun as well!

How to take care of a Cat

Cats are probably one of the most popular pets. Apartment owners are more likely to be permitted to keep a cat than a dog, which is one of the reasons they are popular apartment pets. Knowing how to take care of a pet cat means that you need to be patient. Cats can be affectionate companions, though they may require a bit of time to adjust to being in your home. Always provide a clean litter box, and never use negative reinforcement to discipline your cat. Understanding how to take care of a cat also involves feeding your cat a proper diet. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they need a diet that is primarily meat-based. Avoid a diet that is grain-heavy, or is high in carbohydrates.

How to take care of a fish

Fish are low-maintenance pets, though can sometimes be trained to obey simple commands. Understanding how to take care of a pet fish is fairly simple, though does require you to constantly check the water quality in your fish tank. Clean your fish tank once per week, replacing 15% of the water when necessary. Use a suction-based system to siphon out any debris that collects on the bottom of the tank. Knowing how to take care of a fish also means that you will need to provide a proper diet. A fish’s diet depends largely on its species. For example, there are different fish food formulas for goldfish and beta fish. You can also find a lot of good info by searching for “how to take care of a pet fish” online.

How to take care of a bird

Depending on the type of bird that you own, you may have to make certain adjustments to keep your bird happy. Some birds don’t require social interaction, and are content to simply be “display” birds. Other birds will turn to destructive behavior when not constantly handled by their owners. Understanding how to take care of a pet bird means that you will have to do research. Some birds have very specific dietary requirements, and can only eat special diets.

When purchasing a bird cage, be sure that it is made of a non-toxic material. Avoid any metal cages that are coated with paint, since many birds may chew on their cage. It’s also best to avoid plastic cages, since they are often made of material that can be broken off and ingested by your bird.

Your bird’s diet will depend on the type of bird that you have. It’s usually best to be diverse, supplementing a seed diet with fresh fruits, vegetables and a variety of grains. Some birds have trouble digesting certain foods, however, so be sure to do research beforehand. Knowing how to take care of a bird isn’t difficult as long as you take the time to learn about your bird’s species.